Conditioning Programs

Kin Therapy

Start Up

  • The Start Up program is designed to improve your core function, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility through a series of specific exercises and training zones appropriate for your fitness level.
  • This 12-week, 45-minute, full body program consists of moderate intensity physical activity with structured program revisions to match your acquired fitness gains.
  • Start off on the right track learning proper body mechanics, exercise technique fundamentals, appropriate training zones, exercise order and movement speed to maximize your results.
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Fuel Up

  • The Fuel Up program is a series of nutritional information sessions designed to educate, motivate and facilitate patients in building a healthy, properly fueled body via optimizing cellular health and performance with the most advanced nutritional science.
  • This 6-week program begins with a comprehensive nutritional assessment and report complete with diet, lifestyle and supplement considerations specific to your profile. Fuel your body for success - learn how to eat a clean, healthy and balanced diet designed to optimize your nutritional status, increase energy, improve body composition and decrease the risk of cardiometabolic diseases.
  • The program is goal specific with personalized meal planning, infographics and customized handouts, and delicious recipe book to support healthy eating habits.

Kin Therapy

Power Up

  • The Power Up program is a dynamic 12-week conditioning program designed to maximize sport-performance, speed, agility, strength and power for athletic success. The most popular performance training programs include: Golf / Hockey / Soccer / Football.
  • This program conditions you into a more valuable player, promotes injury prevention, and improves your physical potential through energy system development, muscular conditioning and reactive neuromuscular training.
  • Learn cutting-edge, sport-specific training to optimize your athletic performance, enhance technical precision and achieve your full game potential.
Regulation & Health Plan

Shape Up

  • The Shape Up program is a sculpting, firming, toning and defining 16-week conditioning and nutrition program; designed to alter body composition by increasing lean muscle tissue, optimizing dietary health and decreasing adipose (fat) tissue.
  • Ideal for weight loss, wedding dresses, bathing suits and general health, the program offers moderate-to-high intensity personalized one-on-one conditioning, weight management, and dietary nutritional support.
  • Shape your physique and experience a total body restoration from the inside out.

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Measure Up

  • The Measure Up program is a comprehensive biomechanical assessment designed to measure your body composition, musculoskeletal fitness, and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Functional testing is useful in identifying areas of physical strength and weaknesses, establishes a baseline of your current fitness level, defines proper goal setting, screens for potential health or injury risk, and provides a basis to monitor progress.
  • With accurate capture and recording of information our conditioning specialist will provide you with a comprehensive fitness report with exercise recommendations.
Regulation & Health Plan

Tune Up

  • The Tune Up System Optimizer is an individual treatment or service maintenance package designed to maximize your overall wellness, enhance your performance, decrease muscle tension or discomfort, improve recovery and restore the physical function of your musculoskeletal system.
  • With physical demands of daily living, work-related activities, exercise induced muscle tension and/or stress, our bodies experience significant wear and tear. Tune Up is an individualized treatment plan targeting specific structures including muscle, joints, tendons and fascia to help optimize your musculoskeletal health.
  • Enjoy a 30 minute integrated treatment consisting of: myofascial (massage) therapy, joint manipulation and/or mobilization, and therapeutic stretching.